How to create a return label


Preparing shipment returns is easy with MyDHL+. You can create return labels, customs invoices, and even personalized return instructions. You have the choice to email the return label or include it in your packaging. Return labels can be created in advance or after you have sent the package. A return label can be used within three months.

Option 1: How to create a return in advance:

  1. Whenever you create a shipment you will be asked if you need to create a return label.

  2. Select Yes - Create Label.

  3. If required the return address, payment details, packaging, contents, and delivery options can be edited.

  4. You can choose to email the paperwork. The recipient will get their return paperwork in an email, along with instructions to schedule a courier pickup. 

  5. If you choose not to email the return label it will available for you to print and include in your packaging.

Option 2: How to create a return after you have sent a package:

  1. Go to Manage Shipments > All Shipments search for the original shipment. 

  2. As highlighted below you should see a Create Return Label option. If not, click on the More button to reveal it. 

  3. Once you have completed the return label you have the option to print the paperwork. Please include the return shipping Instructions.

Example of return shipment instructions:

There is no content with the specified labels